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Older Women Dating Younger Guys: the Lowdown. The trio behind the task.

Older Women Dating Younger Guys: the Lowdown. The trio behind the task.

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There’s been a huge level of news protection centred on older females dating more youthful males on the decade that is last. Nevertheless, what’s actually taking place under the pop-style commentary and tabloid stories of ‘cougars’ and their ‘cubs’?

Searching for clarity, we lay out on an objective to check beyond the loaded monikers and questionable buzz surrounding older woman/younger guy relationships. Just why is it nevertheless this type of topic that is sensational do you know the perks (and pitfalls) of getting into partnership where age understands no bounds?

Debunking ‘Cougardom’

It’s been eight years since Newsweek famously proclaimed 2009 while the 12 months of this cougar. The term that is now well-knownn’t a mention of the Chinese calendar; instead, it had been a bordering-on-crass idiom coined to determine 40-plus females by having a predilection for more youthful men.

The article offered up an intriguing explanation for the newfound popularity of older woman/younger man relationships although the US-based magazine reasoned that the cougar-craze was a fad destined for cultural oblivion.

Based on the piece, the primary driving force that brought cougars in through the backwoods ended up being Hollywood. Certainly, shows like Intercourse when you look at the City paint an even more picture that is sophisticated of woman’s sexuality.

Having said that, the aptly-named Cougar Town bolsters a smuttier label. Commenting in the program’s host – Courtney Cox – San Francisco journalist Jane Ganahl penned that the manufacturers did a fantastic job of converting the former Friends celebrity into “a hapless, sex-obsessed divorcee whom appears to be a mash-up of Mrs. Older Women Dating Younger Guys: the Lowdown. The trio behind the task. weiterlesen